Limited Group Classes

$125 per month for 2 classes a week!

Includes subscription to GracieUniversity!**

Combatives, Mater-Cycle, W.E. or Bullyproof.

12 month agreement*

Unlimited Group Classes

$165 per month for unlimited classes!

Includes subscription to GracieUniversity!**

Combatives or Master-Cycle.

12 month agreement*

Punch Card Group Classes

$199 for 10 group classes on a punch card!

No Contract No commitment

Punch card will never expires!

Can be used for any program!

Private Instruction

From $40 to $60 per session!

60 minutes of 1 on 1 private instruction

Master the moves in less time!

Flexible and convenient scheduling.

Train 2 times a week:
Combatives 3 times a week
Unlimited training for everything we offer:

Special Discounts & Referral Program


25% Off 2nd Family Member, 50% Off the 3rd and Any After

The Gracie Family is the largest sports family in history so we understand the importance of family discounts.

  • Discounted rates are only valid for students enrolled in a 12 or 24 month program.
  • Discounts are applied to the family member enrolled in the lowest priced program.
  • Discounts applicable towards group classes only.
  • Students on family discounts must be on the same billing account.
  • Discounts applicable for immediate family only.

Military & Law Enforcement Discounts

25% Off Any Group Class Program

Special thanks to the men and women in uniform who protect our country and our freedom.

  • 25% off regular program prices for all active duty and retired military and law enforcement professionals.
  • Discounted rates are only valid for students enrolled in a 12 or 24 month program.
  •  Discounts not applicable towards private lessons or seminars.
Combatives 3 times a week

Referral Program

Bring a Friend & Take a Free t-shirt

As a member of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy, you know that jiu-jitsu changes lives. You also know that one must experience the training to truly appreciate the benefits of our art.  For that reason, we strongly encourage you to bring a friend to class so that we can share the magic with them. We are immensely grateful when you make the effort to introduce a new student to the Academy. As a small token of our appreciation, we will give you a free T-shirt of your choice every time you bring a friend to class with you.  

  • You will receive the free t-shirt regardless of whether or not your friend enrolls in a program.
  • In order to qualify for the free t-shirt, you must participate in the class with your friend.
  • Free t-shirt offer is valid for men, women, and children.
  • Thanks for helping us keep it real.

One Time Payments

Train at any time in group classes as often or as little as you want.  Buy some classes as a gift.  The benefits of the punch card is that there is no expiration date for only $20 per class.  Does not give access to Gracie University.  Buy 10 classes for $199.  Make sure you go down to the bottom of the one time payment button below.

One Time Payments

** The Bullyproof program comes with a membership to when signing up for the Bullyproof Monthly Membership to the Group Classes.

* Women Empowered is a 6 month agreement.