Women Empowered Free Seminar Oct 17 1:30 pm

Self-defense is critical everywhere, particularly women.  The differentiation between Central City Jiu Jitsu and other gyms offering the same or similar style is the focus paid to self-defense. This is the first part of any lesson plan for a new student. As the father of a twenty-two-year-old woman attending University of Florida, Mr. Cardona is all too aware of the significance of this type of training. In the spirit of readiness, Central City Jiu Jitsu has decided to offer a Free Women’s Self Defense Seminar this month in correlation with the national domestic violence awareness month. They are ‪offering a free Women Empowered seminar to all Central Tampa residents on Saturday, Oct 17, 2015 at 1:30pm. In this two-hour seminar they will teach the six most important women's self-defense techniques.

Absolutely no experience is necessary to participate, but space is very limited and this seminar will fill up quickly, so be sure to save a spot for you and your loved ones today! To reserve your spot, simply call (813) 787-1696. Be sure to let them know if you'd like to bring a friend along for the free seminar.  ‪

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Scott Risk

August 2015 Newsletter

I began my Jiu Jitsu journey with a man named Harlan Taylor, one of Royce Gracie’s first black belts. He has a thriving school in Stuart, Florida.  Check out www.graciemartialarts.net.  Recently we had the privilege of having one of Harlan’s brown belts come and teach.  Scott Risk is a very passionate and competent instructor.  Thank you, Scott!

Scott Risk and the crew of Central City Jiu JItsu.

Scott Risk and the crew of Central City Jiu JItsu.